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Surrogacy for UK professionals

Surrogacy agencies

Only non-profit making organisations are allowed to provide surrogacy matching services in the UK, so it is important that surrogacy agencies (wherever based in the world) understand how UK law works and comply with it.  There is more information about how UK law restricts surrogacy services here.

Sperm approaching a human egg

Fertility clinic professionals

Fertility clinic professionals (including doctors, nurses and counsellors) help parents and surrogates conceiving through a surrogacy arrangement to get pregnant.  Their services are regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and its Code of Practice, which sets out the procedures clinics have to follow.

There is more information about how the HFEA regulates surrogacy practice at UK clinics here.

Maternity hospitals and midwives

If a surrogate gives birth to a child in a UK hospital, her midwife and the hospital will need to understand how to deal with the situation.  There is more information for midwives and delivery hospitals here.

Doctors treating babies born through surrogacy

Questions can sometimes arise for doctors, if a child needs medical treatment during the limbo period before both intended parents are fully responsible for the child.  How the law deals with medical decision making is explained here.

Social workers

Social services rarely have a remit to get involved in surrogacy situations, even if a child is handed over to intended parents who legally have no responsibility.  There is more information about how the law works for social workers here.

How we can help

We offer training and guidance for professionals working with families being created through surrogacy, and legal advice where needed (including advising the HFEA on its Code of Practice rules on surrogacy).  We also represent parents having difficulties dealing with professionals.  Find out more about our services for professionals, or contact us for further help and advice.