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"If you want the best, most knowledgeable firm for surrogacy law in the UK - no equal."

Client (father through surrogacy)

"As a client of Natalie Gamble Associates, one experiences a unique combination of competence, skill and warmth.  Not only do you have the confidence and reassurance of knowing you are working with the best in the business, but you also feel as if you are benefiting from Natalie's vast experience as a lawyer and as someone who has embraced the concept of an unconventional family and turned it into something very normal.  And her advice is delivered with a compelling combination of outright professionalism and human warmth.  So does this all come at a hefty price?  I genuinely cannot remember the figures but I do remember thinking at the time it was less expensive than I expected and fantastic value for money."

Client (mother to a son conceived with a known donor)

“Natalie Gamble, the leading lawyer in this field and one who has conducted more cases and seen through more parental orders than any other lawyer in this country".

John Healey MP (former Shadow Secretary of State for Health) speaking in the House of Commons on surrogacy law, 17 April 2012


"We stumbled upon Natalie's name on the internet in 2008 when we were looking for information for gay male couples who wish to have children.  So little information was available at the time, and parental orders were not even an option for gay couples.  Her positive attitude and encouragement inspired us to proceed with a surrogacy arrangement in California.  There were several setbacks along the way, but with Natalie's continued support and help we are now the legal parents of our twins.  As Natalie knows many of the surrogacy lawyers in the US, this was an added advantage in that she was able to liaise directly with our lawyer in California.  Every member of her team is very approachable and friendly, and helps resolve any issue rapidly."

Clients (gay dads to boy-girl twins born through surrogacy in California)


"Natalie Gamble - a pioneer of fertility law" 

The Pink List, in the Independent on Sunday (ranking Natalie Gamble as the 88th most influential gay and lesbian person in Britain, August 2010)

"Just a quick note to thank you very much for the hard work you have done for us over the last few years.  You have really done a fantastic job, dealing not just with the complex legal issues but also being a great source of emotional support and friendship as well.  We could never have brought our daughter into the world without you and she has brought us joy beyond what you can imagine.  I will get in touch when we are making a book for her so that I can put your photo in there.  I will always want her to know what a key part of the process you were!"

Client (mother to a baby girl born through surrogacy in the USA)

"Everyone we have spoken to has been friendly and helpful.  This discussion that we had with Natalie (and subsequent written summary) was informative in terms of where things are with the law in relation to donor conception and really helped us to think things through.  In particular, it highlighted a number of potential scenarios that we hadn't considered and this helped us to explore these issues with our donor and his partner.  We also really appreciated the fact that you accommodated us bringing our dog to the meeting!"

Clients (same sex parents conceiving with a known donor)


"I was truly impressed with the support and guidance I received from Natalie Gamble and Nicola Scott during the complex process of parental order application.  My husband and I had just come back from Mumbai with our four month old biological daughter born through surrogacy when I approached Natalie for legal advice regarding the parental order application in the UK.  I was utterly impressed with Natalie's knowledge, experience and empathy and came out of a two hour meeting with her and Nicola feeling that I would be toally supported through a very complex legal process.  By the end of the meeting, all my questions were answered and my options presented very clearly and I felt emotionally supported.

We decided to represent ourselves in the High Court, but could not have possibly succeeded without the relentless help, advice and supervision that Natalie provided throughout the whole process.  What at first seemed to me to be a maze of forms, statements and documents, became rewarding and enjoyable hard work thanks to Natalie's involvement and we are very grateful to her for guiding us all the way to the final hearing, where the order was granted and a picture of us with the judge was joyfully taken."

Client (mother to a daughter born through surrogacy in India)

Natalie Gamble Associates"Natalie Gamble was prominent in the campaign to secure equal legal recognition for same-sex families and an end to discrimination against lesbians in fertility treatment"

Stonewall (nominating Natalie for their Hero of the Year Award, 2008)

"Thank you so much for all your help, support and hard work in resolving our case.  We are delighted with the outcome and know that your organisation and preparation tremendously helped things go very smoothly in court.  You have played a big part in making our dreams come true."

Clients (parents to twins born through surrogacy in India)


"Your advice was exactly what we needed and enabled us to move forward with confidence.  All those sites that list you as the "Go To" woman in this area are correct!"

Clients (British couple planning surrogacy in the US)

"Natalie Gamble and her firm are immensely important to the fertility and parenting world.  Approachable and knowledgeable, they give clear guidance and advice in language that is accessible to all.  DC Network members have benefited enormously from Nat’s expertise on our web forum and the clear and thoughtful way she has made presentations at meetings.  A resource beyond price."

Olivia Montuschi, Co-Founder and Manager, Donor Conception Network

"We have now had our day in court which went very smoothly and the parental order has been granted.  What's more we are now in possession of a fantastic new birth certificate with us listed as parents and today have just received her first passport.  I have to say the whole process went a lot smoother than we could ever have imagined, due in no small part to yourselves."

Clients (gay dads to a baby girl born through surrogacy in the UK)


"Infertility laws and the laws relating to surrogacy are specialist areas and very few lawyers have the necessary expertise needed to guide couples through what can often be a complex process.  Of the few lawyers in the UK who have such expertise, Natalie Gamble and her firm have an outstanding record and, in my experience, have never failed to come up with answers to even the most difficult questions."

Robin Carter, former Vice Chair of COTS

"Britain's leading expert on Britain's fertility laws"

The London Evening Standard on Natalie Gamble, November 2007

"We have always been impressed by the sound legal advice we have received from Natalie Gamble, and her compassionate approach to our members' concerns."

Executive Committee, Surrogacy UK

"Natalie Gamble is one of this country's leading fertility lawyers, specialising in surrogacy".

The Telegraph, January 2011

"We have worked with Natalie Gamble in connection with the passage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill through Parliament, including Natalie speaking at a debate we organised in the Houses of Parliament, assisting with a Parliamentary briefing paper, and attending stakeholder meetings including a meeting with the Department of Health on surrogacy.  She was quick to respond to and proactive in providing helpful solutions, as well as thorough and well prepared with her arguments.  She is consummately professional."

Sarah Norcross, Director, Progress Educational Trust


"Expertise and advice were essential at a time of enormous personal stress.  Natalie Gamble Associates are confident and focused solicitors, who are able to truly understand the emotional trauma that we were going through.  I am sure our case would not have reached its potential without their detailed knowledge of fertility law, public service involvement and media awareness.  They were never more than a phone call away."

Clients Melanie and Robert Gladwin, parents whose landmark case changed the law on embryo storage


"After hearing Natalie's inspirational presentation at a seminar I was in no doubt that she would be the right lawyer to assist in our situation.  From the first meeting I felt clear headed and empowered to navigate a complex set of circumstances.  They are reassuringly accessible, approachable and utterly professional, and I could not be happier with the outcome."

Client (mother to a son conceived with a known donor)

"We really appreciate everything that you've done for us.  You have handled every aspect of our complicated bi-national case with great efficiency and professionalism, while also reassuring us throughout some very difficult and stressful situations.  It has been wonderful to feel that you are absolutely committed to ensuring the best outcome for us and that you have worked so hard to make this happen.  You have played a vital role in allowing us to start trying to conceive with all the legal aspects taken care of, and for this we are immensely grateful."

Clients (same sex parents conceiving with a known donor)


"Many thanks for all your advice and support throughout this process which has been made all the easier by your friendly and professional approach.  It has been a pleasure working with you."

Client (solo mum, conceiving with a known donor)


"We had our parental order hearing yesterday in the London Family Court and everything went as well as we could have imagined.  Thank you and your staff for your helpf throughout this process, your assistance has been invaluable.  I found everyone who I spoke to helpful and understanding.  I only wish I had your details sooner.  When initially given the devastating news I couldn't have children there seemed to be no one who could give all the correct up to date information.  However, you gave us everything we would have needed."

Clients (married parents following surrogacy in the UK)


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