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Adoption and parental rights

Welcome to our parenting, children and adoption law area - free information and resources from the UK's leading lawyers for families created in non-traditional ways. 

Parenting and adoption information and guidance

Are you dealing with your legal status in respect of a child you already care for?  Read our guidance on acquiring legal status, including legal parenthood and adoption, parental responsibility, and guardianship and special guardianship

Are you considering adopting a child you don't know? Read our guidance on adopting in the UK and internationally

How we can help

NGA officesWe provide cutting edge legal representation for all types of families, including same sex parents and families created through assisted reproduction and adoption.  We have acted for many hundreds of gay and lesbian parents and IVF/ surrogacy parents over many years of practice, as well as step parents and others in unconventional family situations.  We can help with:

  • Adopting a child in the UK
  • Intercountry adoption
  • Acquiring status for a child if you are a same sex parent, co-parent, step parent

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Children and adoption resources to help you

Court forms you may need:

Adoption application form

Parental responsibility agreement

Step-parent parental responsibility agreement

Application for an order for residence, contact, prohibited steps or specific issue

Other websites with useful information:

British Association for Adoption and Fostering - a leading UK charity, which works with adoptive families and gives advice and information on issues of adoption and fostering

Adoption UK - a charity that supports adoptive families and campaigns on their behalf

New Family Social - a support group for gay and lesbian adopters

Stonewall - the UK's leading gay rights and gay and lesbian information charity

Publications for same sex parents:

Stonewall Gay Dads' Guide

Stonewall Pregnant Pause Guide for Lesbians


The law itself:

Adoption and Children Act 2002

Children Act 1989